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Home Markets Javelin: More Consumers Paying Bills Online With Banks Instead of at Individual (Biller) Web Sites

Javelin: More Consumers Paying Bills Online With Banks Instead of at Individual (Biller) Web Sites
added: 2009-08-04

A new Javelin Strategy & Research ( report finds that more individuals are paying bills at bank or credit union web sites than at individual biller web sites. The report also indicates financial institutions need to be aware that consumers sensitive to fees are prone to switching banks.

The report, 2009 Online Banking and Bill Payment Forecast (, draws on seven years of Javelin consumer survey data to underscore shifting trends in customer cravings for financial control. During research for the report, Javelin found that eight out of 10 online households now conduct online banking.

"For the first time, more consumers paid bills via bank sites in the past month rather than biller-direct sites," James Van Dyke, President and Founder of Javelin Strategy & Research said. "But many banks and credit unions have been slow to upgrade, which has created a wide gap in online capabilities and usage when comparing the nation’s biggest banks to smaller banks."

The Javelin report also presents how the credit crisis of 2007 along with the banking collapses of 2008 and the resulting recession have spurred consumers to watch spending more closely. These developments are fueling a desire for efficient but integrated online banking, bill pay, personal finance management tools and expedited payments.

Key Findings of 2009 Online Banking and Bill Payment Forecast

- Six in ten of online households bank online weekly, a 12% increase from 2008.

- Seven in ten of online households pay bills online monthly, up from 64% in 2008.

- 83 million households will bank online by 2014.

- Smaller banks are struggling to keep up with bigger banks online.

- Bank fees are the main reason people switch financial providers.

- Consumer demand is building for online personal finance management tools that consolidate money-monitoring capabilities offered by free web sites with those offered by banks and credit unions.

"The playing field is dominated by Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, which have set the bar high for what consumers can expect from a full-service online-banking operation," Mark Schwanhausser, Research Analyst at Javelin said. "Nearly six out of 10 customers paid a bill online through these titans in the previous 30 days, which is significantly higher than the number of consumers that paid bills online at regional banks, community banks, and credit unions."

Source: Business Wire

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